Samstag, 7. März 2009


What is doc2doc?
doc2doc is a free and easy to use online doctors community.
doc2doc has a range of tools to help you network with other doctors on a professional and social level. On our clinical forums you can discuss interesting or puzzling cases and discuss any aspect of medicine. You can also create your own forum and build a community around your own interests or place of work. You can find people you work with, used to work with or want to get to know through our people search.
Why was doc2doc set up?
doc2doc was set up to improve the working lives of doctors by providing an independent place where doctors can talk freely. doc2doc is maintained by the BMJ Group. The BMJ Group is a trusted global medical publisher providing a wide range of products and services that improve the decisions doctors make every day.
What can doc2doc help you do?
Find and connect with new or old colleagues around the world with the people search feature.
Keep your finger on the pulse and discover what your colleagues are talking about.
Easily follow discussion and activity on the forums or blogs by receiving email alerts when people respond to your watch list.
Discuss clinical cases in the doctors forum open to verified doctors. The forums are easy to use and are designed to help you put questions to colleagues who can help.
Create and manage your own forums: regional, national, international or just for your practice/hospital. You decide and control them.
How do I get started?
doc2doc registration is free, quick, and immediately gives you the power to connect with clinical colleagues around the world.

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