Samstag, 10. Januar 2009

Wenn die Leber zu groß ist...

A case of hepatomegaly

Dushan Thavarajah, specialist trainee year 1, general surgery1, Srilekha Attavar, specialist registrar year 5, general surgery 1, Jay Menon, consultant general and vascular surgeon 1

1 Basildon University Hospital, Basildon SS16 5NL

A 27 year old man from Turkey presented with sudden onset epigastric pain that woke him from sleep. He had no other symptoms. On examination he had right upper quadrant abdominal tenderness and a palpable hepatomegaly of 10 cm below the right subcostal margin. Blood results showed a white cell count of 12.6x109 cells/l and C reactive protein of 366 µg/ml, and liver function was normal.


1 Describe the abnormalities in the figures Go
2 What is the likely diagnosis?
3 How would you establish the diagnosis?
4 What is the treatment?

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